At Star Roses, we foster an environment that promotes mutual respect, the well-being of our employees as well as their economic and professional growth.



Active employee participation

We value our employees’ opinion about the company. Their input contributed to the writing of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy (CSR).

Financial incentives

Employees compensation plan includes performance-based bonuses payable monthly, quarterly and annually.


We provide training to our employees facilitated by production management professionals according to the different focus areas.


Education & Healthcare

We are implementing a daycare facility for our employees’ children.

The facility will have an onsite infirmary, which will allow us to take care of the health and development of our employees and their families.

Use of green areas

We encourage our employees to establish communal gardens within the green areas of the farm for their personal consumption.

Social activities

We organize various social activities to promote the engagement and development of our employees.

Social activities include birthday celebrations, Christmas events, field trips once a year, etc.



At Star Roses, environmental care is a priority, not only because of the importance of caring for nature, but also because it is closely related with the health of our employees.

Our environmental care program includes the following:

  • Use of organic products for fertilization, fumigation, soil preparation etc.
  • Treatments with medicinal plants.
  • On-site production of organic products.
  • Production and chemical waste management plan.
  • Soil care.
  • Native flora and fauna preservation plan.
  • Incentive for planting native plants in the green areas of the farm.

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